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  • The Karboğazı is Preparing for the Victory

The Karboğazı is Preparing for the Victory

The Karboğazı is Preparing for the Victory

The Karboğazı, the first spark in the liberation of Cukurova, which is the place where a handful of the Nationalist Nations destroyed the enemy forces, is preparing for an unforgettable victory.

The Karboğazı Victory Campaign will be celebrated with an epic feast in Karboğazı, a place where Cukurova plays a major role in liberation from enemy occupation and where 44 Nation Nationalists do not give a battalion to French soldiers.

The Karboğazı Victory Şöleni, which will take place on 5-6 August, will be dominated by the preparations made by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality.

Preparations for the 17 th Traditional Çukurova Karboğazı Victory Şöleni, which will be held in the cooperation of Adana Metropolitan Municipality and Tarsus Municipality, which is a turning point in the liberation of Çukurova and hosted by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, continue at full speed. The Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is working with all its squadrons in a frenzy.

Events will fill

The festival, which will start with the Traditional Turkish Archery Competitions at 09.00 on Saturday, August 5th, will continue with the Traditional Turkmen Games. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Folk Dance Team will show their performances in Karboğazı Zafer Şöleni, while citizens such as Ahmet Öngel, Atilla Yılmaz, Gülşen Kutlu, Ahmet Safak and Kaya Kuzucu will have the opportunity to live together together.

On the second day of the Karboğazı Victory Şöleni'ni will start at 10:30 am with a cortege march and will continue with mehteran concert, rootbreaker game, equestrian acrobatics show and wrestling. After the Caucasus team Ali Kınık was performing, the citizens following the Adana Metropolitan Municipality Folk Dances team games, after the demonstrations, will be filled with Zara with the strong voices of Turkish Folk Music.

Even from Erciyes

The Mersin Metropolitan Municipality crews will wave the moon-staring glorious flag with a house size to the Karboğazı Picnic Area, 34 meters in height on the pole. 8 meters and 12 meters in size, the flag of 96 square meters will be able to see easily from the peak of Mount Erciyes.


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